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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

whats spanish for #85?

Well as you can see we have made some slight upgrades to the Knaphus family living room! For Christmas my good buddy James (with a soft J) noticed that Chad Johnson Fatheads where on sale (prolly due to his recent season) so he got me one! This is prolly the best gift I have received since I got the Holy Ghost. Chad is literally 6'4'' and now chills a few feet from our front door. It has been fun to see people's reactions, after I put it up bets were placed to see what LUDACHRIS would say! my money was on "this better not stick to the walls" other were... "what the hell is this"' "that better come come down" and everyone was pretty sure that something good would come out of his mouth but to our dissapointment when he came in all we herd was... "I'm not impressed" which still brought a smile to all of our faces! Chad has now been on the wall for over a week and I have noticed that our house has been a happier place, blessing the lives of those who enter! I have even seen Mub walk in kneel down, praise the Ocho Cinco, and touch himself on the forhead, belly, left and right chest (in that order) as he got up! I think Phils chances of having a black baby doubled so thats pretty good!

So I highly recomend everybody come on by and take a look because I dont know how much longer Chad will be hanging out at the Knaphus House! At least in his current location!


Cacia said...

I think you have got some time since Chris is out of town and I think Leslie probably likes having someone as fun fun as Chad Johnson around!

mandy said...

i don't care what anyone says I LOVE chad johnson. If Garr was here he would be calling max chad. I kinda think that dad said he wants him gone by the time he gets home from europe!

cdiddy said...

I used my restraint when I first saw Chad in the living room. He needs to "go long" before Cacia's baby shower this weekend.

Curbside Puppet said...

its ochenta y cinco (cebuanos pronounce it as ochentay singko).