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Friday, October 24, 2008

Philly cheesesteak anyone?

This is me with my Grandpa and grandma getting some Philly cheesesteaks right when we got in to Philidelphia!
me and Elder Heyman at the liberty bell
Valley Forge: home used by George Washington
Leslie and Fatu! a member in Philly

Me and Food

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


so my story begins... I decide to take a day off work all pumped so i can hang out but mostly so i can do some vert with my buddy colt45 as you can see it started off great!!!
I was nailing tricks and getting better and better i was getting crazy on my new skateboard and doing some fruit bootin aswell all was going good i had taken a few pretty good falls had a little bit of vert butt, shoulder, and knee! colt got some vert chin and hip but we were having a blast!
time came and it was getting a little late i was starting to feel fatiuged but was also starting to get in a bit of a rithum so i pushed forward then i decided i had 3 vert seshes left in me and on the first one i got some good air but came down way to low in the pipe and my knee just poped!
after a few hours at the hospital it looks like i tore my MCL! and i hear if you clickety clack your knee your on your own son!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

unsay taas iro!!!

well this has been a fun week lots has been going on and i'll try to fill you in a little bit on whats all been going down! First off i got a new job! I am back at Kepco+ helping set stone at the new Church Library building! It is way fun! my day starts at 5:45 when i get up eat and get dressed so i can take the 25-30 min Vino ride to work its quite an epic journey i work 10 hours a day mon-thur and 8ish on Friday and Saturday depending on who is around! yesterday i smashed my fingers pretty good but all and all i am loving it! My other job is at The Huka Bar i only work
there one or two times a week usually on Thursday or Friday my shift is from 8pm-2am! the place is a blast I park cars working for Turn-key valet AKA Alex Knaphus's company! There is never a dull moment at the Huka Bar there have been big fights, scantily clad women, bakini nights, celebrities, Reggea nights, and lots of fun people. I love the bouncers they are so halarious and make sure its always a good time! this week i also hit up my Mission Reunion it was a blast to see all my mission buddies and the old mission pres. He had a little presentation with lots of fun pictures of everything happening in the Philippines Cebu Mission it was freekin fun I already want to go to the philippines again hopfully next year the picture from my reunion is of (from left to right- Jon Callister, Bryce Waite, Me, Sean Latimer, and Spencer Hankins) .
the Next picture is of my newly remodeled Longboard! Last week i made a few purchases online for some purple skateboard griptape, new wheels and some winter clothing the longboard turned out awesome i gave it a Philippine flag style grip job that mandy helped with which turned out awesome and the wheels look sick so i'm stoked if only it would quite raining! the last shot is of my Nomis Puff the Magic Jacket! thats right i got the purple suit its T.H.U.G. I cant wait to go ride this year if anyone is ever going to The Bird or to build a jump or snowskate or anything i need to be informed! well all is well in my life oh and Unsay Taas iro means whats up dog! peace