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me in the homeland!! with my peeps!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sick like a fox!

I think what i have is...
Acute viral nasopharyngitis, or acute coryza, usually known as the common cold, is a highly contagious, viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system, primarily caused by picornaviruses (including rhinoviruses) or cornonaviruses. but it could be worse or not so bad who knows prolly the doctor who i will be seeing in 1 hour. Common symptoms are sore throat, runny nose, nasel congestion, sneezing and cough (which i have all of); sometimes accompanied by pink eye, muscle aches, fatigue, malaise, headaches, muscle weakness, and/ or loss of appetite. Fever and extreme exhaustion are more usual in influenza. The symptoms of a cold usually resolve after about one week, but can last up to 14 days. Symptoms may be more severe in infants and young children. Although the disease is generally mild and self-limiting, patients with common colds often seek professional medical help, use over-the-counter drugs, and may miss school or work days. The annual cumulative societal cost of the common cold in developed countries is considerable in terms of money spent on remedies, and hours of work lost.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

one night i saw a SIGBIN

The Sigbin is a creature of Philippine mythology said to come out at night to suck the blood of victims from their shadows. The creature walks backward with its head lowered between its hind legs. It resembles a hornless goat, emits a very nauseating smell and possess a pair of very large ears which are capable of clapping like a pair of hands. It is also claimed to issue forth from its lair during holly week, looking for children that it will kill for the heart, which is made into an amulet.

It is also believed that there are families known as Sigbinan ("those who own Sigbin"), who possess the power to command them. The Aswang is said to keep it as a pet, along with another mythical creature, a bird known as the Wakwak. The sigbin is said to bring wealth and luck to its owners.

I took a picture of this at a zoo in Zamboanguita, Negros it is one of the prized peices in the crazy collection of Father Tropa (the founder of the Lamplighters!) go team SPACESHIP 2000 ET.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pinoy Ako!!

just got home from my homeland the Philippines. I have been back for only a few days and already miss it! it was the funnest thing ever! hopfully i can go back this August to do a service project for Vaccines for the Philippines (www.v4tp.org) check it out.