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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

mission reunion

OK... well this is quite the story and i will do my best to tell it just as it happened. It all starts on a crazy Saturday morning after 5 hours of work, hauling stone in Sun Valley Idaho, I started my 4 hour drive to Logan Utah for my PCM( Philippines Cebu Mission) reunion! as i got close to Logan I found the road was closed this although not such a big deal was at the time after a long morning! i finally made it to the reunion where about 30 or so people were waiting for me to get started! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! so fun to see all my old mission buddies and Pres. and Sis Anderson! Everybody was doing so good and i had the time of my life. I loved my mission and i kinda had the opportunity to relive it for a little while i cant wait to go back next week and visit all the areas , foods , dodongs, indays and families that i love! Anyways on the way home i was on a spiritual high and thought i would try to listen to some church talks... Not the best idea i made it through one but the second was literally putting me to sleep after all i was driving until 2 am Sunday morning it was a ruff drive but thanks to screaming out to the music i was listening to and rolling down the windows i made the drive and had a wonderful\ very long day!

Friday, July 18, 2008

valley trips, feasts and climbing

Eating our feast at the Pioneer Saloon! i have never seen so much food well other than the weekly visit to Sun Valley brunch!
This is my AWESOME sister and me at work! Mub and Mandy came up for a few days last week and it was a blast! We chilled a lot but also had some epic feasts, fun climbs, and plus its just fun to have some visitors every now and then!!!
lastly this is our climb! it was a really fun climb although the rock was way more slick than i would have liked. it made for some crazy holds and really obscure movements and lines up this awesome feature!
well my time here is winding down but we should still get in a few more sweet shots and i'll keep everyone posted on my awesome life!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Valley of Sun

Well my stay at the prestige Sun Valley is going great!!! as you can see i usually stroll down looking my best (for the lady's) I cant believe its not working??? Last week Nate, James and i spoke in church on the three fold mission of the church it was amazing we killed it to one of the biggest crowds the Sun Valley had ever seen! We are know like c-list celebrities here! we also recently had our 10 seconds of fame on Sun Valleys Plum TV aka channel 13 here we are kinda a big deal!!!James got a sweet new bike so me and him have been riding 3-4 times a week this is us well him as we are taking off for a nice little stroll we have done quite a bit of riding which is fanominal here today i went on a nice little ride and a fox was just chillin on the side of the road we see them all the time...