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Friday, September 19, 2008

Purple Drink/ Job Hunt

Hahahah this is what I hope to be shedding in this winter! It is the Nomis "Puff the Magic Jacket" and yes the desired color is Purple! not much is new in my life I bought my seasons pass to ride this year at Snowbird so anyone riding there this winter let me know so we can ride! I might even be working up at one of the ski resorts most likely Snowbird! I am in dire need of a good job and hopfully full time! Worst comes to worst I am putting some serious thought into 7eleven as I would get the much needed discount on Mango Arizona's hahahaha!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vaccines for the Philippines II

Well I thought I would give this a little update as I have been home for a few days! I have included a few pictures so hopefully you can see how cool this was and maybe even come next year!!! The trip started off with us all jumping on Jeepneys and riding through the jungle to get to "Behind the Clouds" which is a really neat little town way far in the middle of the island of Bohol (where we were the whole trip). We participated in building houses and performing medical clinics involving check ups for anyone who wanted, dental, circumcision's for the young little boys, haircuts and lots of other stuff. It was such a neat experiance!
This is a picture of the whole group in Behind the Clouds, Bohol

this is a line of people waiting to get there check ups and medicine

Me with the kids having a blast

Peter Richman working on one of the houses we were building

Nate and I at the Bohol Beach Club